Growth Hacking For Your Business

Amplify your brand awareness, increase revenue & build your growth strategy


Brave Media Consulting is founded by Sam Omidi & Jason Veen with a combined 40+ years of experience in marketing and sales. Our expertise and success has been paramount for luxury, beauty and health brands spanning North America. We provide business intelligence and strategic planning to support the growth of your business in today’s competitive space.

Here’s the BEST part! We have tapped into, studied and applied the same formula used to create incredible revenue growth by the largest tech companies in the world including Instagram, Pinterest and Google. We have also scaled this formula down for small to medium sized businesses and startups, and the results have been simply incredible!


As customer demands are growing and the percentage of retaining customers is decreasing by businesses such as yours, Brave Media Consulting uses our data-based formula to guarantee an increase in your customer experience.

Our first step is to meet with you get a strong understanding of your current sales and marketing strategies. This will in return provide us with finding incredible opportunities to create both an excellent experience for your customers and high profits for your business.

The success and future growth of your brand is dependent on a strong digital marketing strategy that can overcome your competition both today and tomorrow.

Game On! We are ready for you.  Use the contact form below and lets get started…