Why A Focused Blog Strategy Is Your Key To Outrank Competitors. Keyword Data All The Way!

Why A Focused Blog Strategy Is Your Key To Outrank Competitors. Keyword Data All The Way!

Focus Blog Strategy - Brave Keyword Analysis

How A Focused Blog Strategy and Streamlined Content Distribution Plan Will Get You To Rank Above Your Competitors In An Online Search


The battle for a top spot in an online search is not easy. As businesses invest more in digital marketing, a robust, well-rounded content and SEO strategy becomes more critical. A pivotal part of this strategy that can be a game-changer for brands is a focused blog. But why precisely should brands focus on their blog, and how can it help them outrank competitors? Let’s break it down.

1. SEO – Top Priority


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plays a significant role in determining your brand’s visibility online. A well-maintained blog enriched with relevant keywords and fresh content can significantly improve your SEO rankings. As search engine algorithms increasingly prioritize quality content, a blog that regularly publishes relevant and engaging articles signals to search engines that your website is active, valuable, and worth promoting.  Your keyword research needs to be on point. Low difficulty ratings are the goal; the higher the search volume, the better, but most importantly, ask yourself if the keyword you select will solve your target audience’s pain points.  If not, keep looking because if your audience is looking for a solution, that’s what they will type in their online search to find you.


2. Establish DOMAIN Authorityz

Having a blog allows your brand to demonstrate its expertise and knowledge in the industry. By publishing content that is both informative and insightful, you position your brand as a thought leader. This builds trust among your audience and positions you as a reliable source of information in your field. Search engines like Google love this. Over time, this reputation can differentiate your brand from competitors, allowing you to stand out in the saturated online market.

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3. User Engagement

A blog provides an ideal platform for brands to interact with their customers, receive feedback, and answer queries. This interaction boosts user engagement and fosters a sense of community. An engaged audience is likelier to develop loyalty toward your brand, leading to higher customer retention rates. In today’s competitive business environment, customer loyalty can be a significant factor in outperforming competitors.


4. ORGANIC Traffic & Conversion Rate

A blog can be an excellent tool for driving traffic to your website. If your blog is well thought out, hits the keywords, is high quality, and you keep publishing fresh content, it will likely be your top traffic source and is free. Creating engaging content that resonates with your audience can attract potential customers to your site. Once there, strategically placed calls-to-action and links to your products or services can guide visitors toward purchasing, effectively increasing your conversion rates.


5. Long-Term Value

Unlike other forms of digital content, blog posts provide long-term value. A well-written, evergreen blog post can continue attracting visitors and generating leads long after publication. This enduring value returns your initial investment and contributes to a solid foundation for your brand’s online presence.

A blog should not be viewed as an optional extra in your digital strategy but rather as an integral component. Brands that prioritize their blogs stand to reap significant benefits, including improved SEO, increased authority in their field, enhanced user engagement, increased traffic and conversion, and long-term value.

To capitalize on these benefits, it’s crucial to maintain consistency in publishing and ensure that the content you share is of high quality. Remember, it’s about producing valuable content for your audience. This will improve your standing with search engine algorithms and foster trust and loyalty among your customers, two crucial factors in securing your brand’s place at the top of the market.

At the end of the day, the goal is to outrank your competitors. But the key to achieving this isn’t just about being better; it’s about being different and being valuable. And a focused blog can be the tool that helps you achieve this. Invest in your blog, nourish it with consistent, high-quality content, and watch as it catapults your brand above your competitors.


Jason Veen

Brave Media Inc.
The Chronicles of Social Media Success:  A Journey Through 20 Trends Destined To Dominate 2024

The Chronicles of Social Media Success: A Journey Through 20 Trends Destined To Dominate 2024


A Journey Through 20 Trends Destined To Dominate 2024

20 Defining Social Media Trends Anticipated For 2024 & The 20 Platforms Who Lead


The brave don’t merely survive; they thrive. As we venture into 2024, Brave Media takes you on a whirlwind tour of the social media landscape, spotlighting 20 seismic shifts that will redefine how brands and consumers interact. Adapt or perish—your guide to the future starts now.


AI-Powered Customer Service

Example: Shopify

Shopify has already integrated AI-powered chatbots to handle customer service inquiries, freeing human resources for more complex tasks. As this technology advances, we’ll see more sophisticated bots capable of handling a broader range of queries, providing 24/7 support, and even upselling products proactively. Brands that adopt this early will have a significant edge in customer satisfaction metrics.


The Rise of Creator Economies

Example: Patreon

As we move into 2024, platforms like Patreon and Substack provide individual creators with the means to monetize their content directly. This democratization of revenue generation leads to a richer, more diverse content landscape. Brands should note that collaborations with niche creators often offer more authentic and effective engagement than large-scale influencer partnerships. The future suggests an ecosystem where the line between content creators and consumers continues to blur, and anyone can be both.

Virtual Realities: The New Social Frontier

Example: Meta’s Horizon Workrooms

The concept of a 2D social media world is slowly fading into obscurity. In 2024, we see Meta leading the charge with Horizon Workrooms, a VR-enabled space that allows users to collaborate, socialize, and innovate. Gone are the days of static posts and images. Brands looking to captivate audiences need to think in 360 degrees, offering interactive and immersive experiences that stimulate all senses. Virtual showrooms, interactive 3D ads, and virtual try-on features are just the tip of the iceberg. VR provides a seamless blend of social interaction and e-commerce, a largely unexplored but incredibly promising avenue.


Audio Content: The Sonic Revolution

Example: Clubhouse

Clubhouse capitalized on the rise of audio as a medium for community building, and as we move into 2024, it’s clear that this trend is not a mere fad. Audio offers a unique, hands-free user experience that enables multitasking like no other format. Brands can engage with consumers through podcasts, live audio events, or even voice-activated interactive experiences. With voice search integration and AI-driven voice recognition, we foresee a future where audio content is just as searchable and shareable as any written post, granting it longevity and a wider reach than ever before.

A Luxury Ecommerce Blog, THE DECADENT DIGITAL - Brave Media Inc.

The Era of Hyper-Personalization 2.0

Example: Spotify

The beauty of hyper-personalization is making every user feel like a VIP. Spotify has been a beacon in this realm, creating playlists and radio stations tailored to individual tastes. But in 2024, this personalization transcends into brand interactions, advertising, and content recommendations. AI and machine learning algorithms are evolving to understand what you’ve liked and what you’re likely to enjoy in the future. While this spells excellent user engagement, it’s also a daunting brand responsibility. The caveat? Brands must be transparent in how they use data, or they risk a public relations nightmare.

The Age of Activated Brand Values

Example: Patagonia

Consumers are no longer passive observers; they’re participants who engage, critique and validate brand values. Patagonia has seamlessly incorporated its commitment to environmental sustainability into its brand narrative. It’s not just about posting a hashtag on Earth Day; it’s about showcasing year-round conservation efforts, ethical sourcing practices, and driving community participation in eco-friendly initiatives. Social media is the amplifier that can either crown you a hero or expose you as a zero. In 2024, your audience doesn’t just want to see what you claim to stand for; they want proof of what you’re actively doing to make a difference.


Short-Form Video: The Age of Interactivity

Example: TikTok

Short-form video content became mainstream with TikTok, but 2024 will take it a notch higher with interactive elements like real-time voting, shoppable tags, and even augmented reality integrations. No longer is a 15-second video merely a watch-and-scroll experience. For example, Nike uses TikTok to create interactive workout challenges that allow users to participate, not just spectate. Brands should explore creative methods to engage their audience, turning passive viewers into active participants and, eventually, loyal consumers.

Social Commerce: The Integrated Journey

Example: Instagram

Instagram has already made strides in integrating shopping features, allowing users to make purchases without leaving the app. In 2024, this becomes the norm across almost all social media platforms, blurring the lines between socializing and shopping. For instance, beauty brands like Sephora offer quick tutorials with in-app purchase options, making the transition from “like” to “buy” frictionless. Brands will need to consider how to strategically design their social storefronts to facilitate this shift from discovery to decision-making within a single platform.


The Power of Micro-Communities

Example: Reddit

Brands like Reddit have exemplified micro-community’s power, where users with shared interests or values gather for deeper, more meaningful discussions. The advent of private Facebook groups, LinkedIn communities, and Twitter Spaces in 2024 further emphasizes the need for brands to cultivate a dedicated community around their product or service. Unlike general forums, these spaces offer highly targeted interactions, yielding valuable customer insights and fostering a sense of belonging that’s likely to boost brand loyalty.

Prioritizing Mental Health in Social Media

Example: Pinterest

Pinterest took the lead in this arena by introducing features like emotional well-being activities for stressed or anxious users. With growing awareness of the mental health implications of social media, brands are now more accountable for creating environments that engage and promote wellness. Features such as content filters, “Take a Break” reminders, and community guidelines focused on positive interactions set the stage for a new age of conscientious social media use.

Virtual Events: The New Gathering Space

Example: Zoom

Zoom popularized virtual events during the pandemic, and in 2024, this becomes a hybrid model incorporating both in-person and virtual experiences. This offers a broader audience and new ways to engage, from virtual booths to interactive Q&As. Brands can now hold global events without the logistical nightmares, providing endless opportunities for reach and engagement.

The Ephemeral Content Boom

Example: Snapchat

Snapchat pioneered the concept of ephemeral content, and it’s not going away. In fact, it’s evolving. In 2024, ephemeral content isn’t just short-lived; it’s also interactive, personalized, and often shoppable. Brands that tap into the “here and now” nature of these platforms can ride waves of viral interest, creating immediacy and urgency around their products or messages.

User Privacy & Ethical Data Use

Example: Apple

With its stringent data privacy controls, Apple is pushing the entire industry toward more ethical use of user data. Brands will have to balance the demand for hyper-personalization with the need for privacy, all while being transparent about their practices. Those who navigate this complex landscape effectively will earn consumer trust, a currency that’s increasingly valuable.

Frictionless Shopping Experiences

Example: Amazon One-Click

Amazon’s one-click purchase revolutionized online shopping by removing friction. In 2024, this concept extends further into social platforms, where entire transactions can occur within a single click. Brands that streamline the customer journey from discovery to checkout will seize the lion’s share of conversions.

Inclusive and Diverse Representation

Example: Fenty Beauty

Fenty Beauty broke new ground by offering a wide range of inclusive products. In 2024, inclusivity isn’t an option; it’s a necessity. Brands must showcase diverse voices, faces, and stories to appeal to a global audience. Those who do this authentically will reap the rewards of broader appeal and deeper customer loyalty.

Decentralized Social Networks

Example: Mastodon

Decentralized platforms like Mastodon offer an alternative to the monolithic, data-gathering giants of the social media world. These platforms will gain traction as users become more concerned about privacy and data security. Brands willing to pioneer marketing efforts on these new platforms could reap the benefits of early adoption.

Gamification of Engagement

Example: Duolingo

Duolingo’s addictive learning model shows how gamification can boost user engagement. In 2024, brands will integrate gamification into their social platforms, rewarding interaction and fostering community. This will increase time spent and incentivize desired behaviors, from sharing content to completing purchases.

Emotional Intelligence Algorithms

Example: Headspace

Wellness apps like Headspace use AI to gauge user sentiment and offer content accordingly. In 2024, emotionally intelligent algorithms will go mainstream, allowing brands to connect on a deeper emotional level. This goes beyond simple personalization, giving companies the power to offer timely solutions to users’ specific emotional states.

Virtual Reality Pop-up Shops

Example: Nike

Nike has already started using VR to create immersive pop-up shops where customers can “walk” through a virtual store. In 2024, this technology will be far more accessible, providing a bridge between in-person retail experiences and online shopping. Brands effectively leveraging VR can bring tactile, real-world shopping experiences into consumers’ homes.

Blockchain-Verified Authenticity

Example: LVMH

Luxury brands like LVMH use blockchain to verify their products’ authenticity, adding value. This trend is becoming essential as the fight against counterfeit goods goes digital. Brands that can successfully integrate blockchain can greatly enhance consumer trust.

Augmented Reality for Product Trials

Example: Sephora Virtual Artist

Brands like Sephora are already using AR for virtual product trials. This trend will escalate in 2024, with AR becoming an integral part of the online shopping experience. Offering AR-enabled trials can drastically reduce return rates while increasing customer satisfaction.

Long-form Video Content

Example: Netflix

With platforms like Instagram extending their video length limits, long-form content is reclaiming its space. Companies like Netflix are expanding into more “snackable” long-form content, bridging the gap between short viral videos and full-length features. Brands must adjust their strategies to include a blend of short and long-form content to engage their audience fully.

Influencer Partnerships and Collaborations

Example: Daniel Wellington

Watches brand Daniel Wellington practically wrote the book on successful influencer partnerships. In 2024, brands will elevate influencer collaborations, making them long-term and more integrated into the overall marketing strategy, complete with unique codes, affiliate marketing, and even co-created products.

As we stand on the brink of a transformative year in social media, the 20 defining trends spotlighted here are more than mere predictions; they are your navigational chart for a voyage of unparalleled digital impact. In this landscape, understanding is not enough; mastery separates the lions from the herd. At Brave Media, we don’t just keep pace with change; we lead it. Are you ready to not just navigate but to dominate the digital seas of 2024? The moment has come to not just see the future but to seize it. Your epic journey towards social media success begins now.


Jason Veen


The Wizardry of Generative AI in Luxury Ecommerce SEO: Elevating Shopping Experiences

The Wizardry of Generative AI in Luxury Ecommerce SEO: Elevating Shopping Experiences


The Wizardry of Generative AI in Luxury Ecommerce SEO: Amplifying Shopping Experiences

Welcome, dear readers, to an enlightening journey into the world of Generative AI and its spellbinding applications in the realm of luxury e-commerce SEO. 

Have you ever wondered what’s the secret sauce behind your Google search results? Or how do some websites climb to the top of the digital Everest? 

We’ve done more than enough wondering and research for you. You’re Welcome! This article unravels the mysteries of Generative AI and its transformative impact on luxury e-commerce. Grab your wands—sorry, keyboards—and let’s dive in!

Generative AI: The Creative Wizard Behind the Screen

Let’s start with the basics, shall we? Generative AI, or what we like to call the “creative wizard in your machine,” is like having a virtual artist or writer hanging out on your computer. It’s AI with a flair for creativity. 

Artificial Intelligence is the tech that makes machines do “smart” things. Generative AI takes it up a notch. It’s like asking your computer, “Hey, can you whip up a catchy tune that sounds like my favorite songs?” And voilà, the AI gets to work and composes a melody that feels tailor-made for your ears.  It’s amazing and really creepy at the same time.  I love it, but it scares me at the same time. 

How Generative AI Boosts Luxury E-Commerce SEO

Now, the big question: How does this digital wizardry fit into the glamorous world of luxury e-commerce? Well, hang on to your top hats because this is where the magic happens!

First off, the concern of search engines penalizing AI-generated content? Put that to rest. Search engines like Google are more interested in high-quality, helpful content than where it came from. When used correctly, AI can help you achieve just that, all while following Google’s E-A-T standards (that’s Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness, for those not fluent in SEO-ese).

One perennial headache in SEO is finding the right keywords. It’s like trying to read your cat’s mind. With Generative AI, that task becomes a breeze. It can whip up high-quality, SEO-friendly content that pleases both search engines and discerning users. This tech can churn out engaging meta tags, headlines, and descriptions that practically beg to be clicked.

Moreover, Generative AI isn’t just a content machine; it’s a data detective, too. It can analyze search trends and user behavior, giving you insights that even Sherlock Holmes would be proud of. 


Now, let’s talk ethics, shall we? In a world where authenticity is as precious as a diamond tiara, how do we ensure AI-generated content doesn’t feel like it’s been written by a robot?

Well, it’s a bit like training a puppy. You teach your AI companion to follow your brand’s style and values. This ensures your website’s content stays on brand and doesn’t wander off into the robotic wilderness.

AdobeStock 577318332 scaled


Enough theory; let’s get practical! Here are some ways you can put Generative AI to work in your luxury e-commerce kingdom.


Unveiling the Alchemy: Generative AI for Keyword Research

Finding the right keywords used to be like searching for buried treasure. Now, with AI, it’s more like having a treasure map with an X that marks the spot. AI-powered tools dive deep into your niche, unearthing keywords that even the savviest e-commerce buccaneer would envy.

But remember, while free AI-based tools can suggest keywords, they might not consider essential metrics like keyword difficulty and search volume. So, consider investing in dedicated keyword research tools for a true treasure trove of keywords.


Crafting Compelling Content: AI as Your Creative Partner

Think of Generative AI as your trusty sidekick in the world of content creation. It’s like having a co-author who never complains about writer’s block. AI can whip up blog posts, social media content, and product descriptions faster than you can say “luxury yacht.” It’s the secret weapon of savvy content creators.


Mastering On-Page SEO With AI Assistance

In the quest for SEO excellence, Generative AI is your trusted navigator. It ensures your content is SEO-friendly and user-friendly, a bit like having GPS for your website. These AI-driven tools can analyze your content and provide insights on keyword implementation and readability. It’s like having a co-pilot who’s an SEO expert.


Revolutionizing Content Outreach

Now, let’s talk about spreading the word, shall we? Backlinks are like the VIP invites to your digital party, and content outreach is how you ensure the coolest folks in town RSVP. AI plays matchmaker here. It identifies potential linking opportunities from websites in your niche.

Imagine having an AI tool that knows whom to invite to your party! It’s like having a personal event planner who never forgets a name. AI can even craft personalized outreach emails, ensuring each invitation feels like it was penned by a human, not a robot. Your digital party guest list just got an upgrade!


Enhancing User Experience With AI

Did you know that over 60% of luxury e-commerce customers prefer chatbots for communication? That’s like saying people love getting quick answers. AI-powered chatbots are your 24/7 helpers, providing instant responses to user queries. It’s like having a concierge at your service around the clock.



As we look ahead, the marriage of AI and luxury e-commerce promises even more exciting prospects. AI might become a mind reader, understanding user intent, predicting trends, and delivering personalized experiences that make customers feel like royalty.

Voice search? AI will have that mastered too, ensuring your website is perfectly tuned for spoken queries. So, don’t blink, because the digital world evolves quickly, and AI’s impact on SEO is no exception.


In this new era of SEO brilliance, Generative AI emerges as the ace up your sleeve, the secret sauce that elevates your luxury e-commerce kingdom. With AI as your ally, you’re not just optimizing for search engines; you’re optimizing for discerning users who seek a touch of luxury.

So, embrace the AI-powered future, where innovation meets authenticity, and your SEO strategy isn’t just 10 times better—it’s a stylish dance between technology and the human touch.

If you enjoyed this journey through the enchanted forest of Generative AI, let us know.

Stay curious and keep exploring the realms of digital magic!

Jason Veen
Brave Media Inc.

Unlock The Power of Shopify Marketing in 2024: The Ultimate Guide To Dominating Luxury Ecommerce

Unlock The Power of Shopify Marketing in 2024: The Ultimate Guide To Dominating Luxury Ecommerce

Shopify Marketing for Luxury Brands:  Elevating Shopping Experiences


Welcome to the ever-evolving world of Shopify marketing, where innovative strategies are the key to standing out in a saturated landscape. In this article, we’ll delve into a transformative approach to conquering Shopify marketing, encompassing retargeting campaigns, conversion rate optimization, and the vital role of analytics. Whether you’re a seasoned e-commerce entrepreneur or just starting, understanding these tactics can significantly impact your Shopify store’s success.


The New SEO: Crafting a Digital Empire


Typical SEO is about keywords and rankings. This is Brave Media Inc., and “Typical” isn’t in our vocabulary, so let’s talk about next-level Shopify SEO, which is about establishing your brand as an authority. That means targeted keyword research considering long-tail, semantically related terms and competitor keyword strategies. Remember, Google doesn’t just want to find you; it wants to trust you. Building that trust requires creating high-value content that addresses customer pain points and elevates your brand as a thought leader.

The Symphony of Precision Email Marketing


When it comes to email marketing, gone are the days of mass mailers and generic promotions. Today, precision is key. Start by segmenting your customer base into specific cohorts—first-time buyers, repeat customers, those who have abandoned carts, and so on. Tailor your messaging to each group, providing value that’s specific to their relationship with your brand. From there, leverage-triggered emails for events and drip campaigns that nurture leads over time. 


Social Media: The Art of Targeted Engagement


Social media is more than just posting updates and hoping someone, somewhere, pays attention. It’s about pinpointing your audience, understanding what they want, and crafting campaigns that speak to them. Employ platform-specific strategies; what works on Instagram may not suit LinkedIn or Twitter. Moreover, use retargeting ads to catch the eye of potential customers who have interacted with your brand but have yet to convert.

Our approach to social media isn’t limited to ads; we create campaigns that resonate with your luxury brands’ essence. From Facebook’s intricate ad ecosystem to Instagram’s visual marketplace, we pinpoint and leverage unique elements that transform browsers into buyers. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest have become instruments for turning social engagement into Shopify sales.

Influencer Partnerships: Strategic Alliances for Growth


We’ve moved beyond the era where follower count determines the value of an influencer partnership. Today, it’s all about engagement and alignment with brand values. Micro-influencers often provide more value than mega-stars regarding genuine engagement and trust. Look for influencers who already love your product or whose audience aligns with your target market.

Our influencer collaborations align with your brand ethos, fostering engagement that translates into sales. It’s not about empty likes; it’s ROI-positive brand advocacy. Influencer marketing builds credibility and expands your audience reach. Our agency identifies suitable influencers, ensuring meaningful collaborations that genuinely promote your products.

No-Nonsense Content Strategy


Your content should be more than just a vehicle for SEO. It should offer real value to your audience, addressing questions, solving problems, and engaging them meaningfully. Whether it’s in-depth blog posts, how-to videos, or user-generated content, everything should serve a strategic purpose.

Content creation isn’t about fluff; it’s about impact. High-quality, relevant content enhances SEO and engages potential customers. Blog posts, videos, and user-generated content add value to your Shopify store. Content isn’t king in the Brave Media universe – it’s the emperor. We craft value-packed, SEO-optimized content that elevates your brand and drives tangible results.

To Be A Lion, you Must Train With Lions - Brave Media Inc.

PPC Campaigns: Accelerating to the Summit


Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising can deliver immediate results, but it’s not just about quick wins. A comprehensive PPC strategy considers lead generation, brand development, and long-term customer value. Be sure to balance your PPC efforts with organic strategies for a more holistic approach.

Precision targeting through Google and Facebook doesn’t happen overnight. We don’t burn budgets; we invest them strategically once the data supports our direction, but organic growth should always be the focus for maximum impact.

Fluid Agility: Responsive Excellence


One of the critical elements often overlooked is the ability to adapt. Consumer behaviors change, algorithms are updated, and competitors adjust their strategies. An agile marketing approach that can quickly pivot can make the difference between falling behind and staying ahead.

E-commerce demands agility. At Brave Media, we refine, adapt, and innovate. Your brand remains at the forefront, ready to respond to shifting market dynamics.

Retargeting: Seizing Missed Opportunities

Retargeting captures users who’ve interacted with your store but have not completed a purchase. Ads displaying viewed products re-engage these prospects, nudging them to convert.

Conversion Rate Optimization: Elevating Action Rates

A/B testing, user experience enhancements, and funnel optimization enhance visitor conversion rates. We maximize actions taken, transforming visitors into purchasers.

Analytics and Reporting: Navigating Success

We track KPIs through Shopify’s analytics dashboard and third-party tools. Data-driven insights fuel ongoing strategy refinement, ensuring consistent growth


Final Thoughts: Your Choice to Stand Out and Dominate


By now, you’ve probably realized that Shopify marketing isn’t a one-size-fits-all game. It’s a complex, multifaceted endeavor that requires a comprehensive, informed strategy. But even in a sea of competition and amidst ever-changing algorithms, there’s ample opportunity for those willing to take innovative, calculated risks.

If you’re seeking a partner who can help navigate this complex landscape, look no further.We offer

a data-driven, agile approach that ensures you’re not just part of the game but ahead of it. Are you ready for that level of e-commerce excellence? Let’s talk.

Your Next Step: Elevate Your Strategy


For more insights and advanced strategies to catapult your brand into e-commerce stardom, subscribe to our monthly newsletter. Get exclusive tips, case studies, and expert advice to set you up for e-commerce victory.

Regarding dominating in Shopify marketing, the choice isn’t just to be brave; it’s to be the bravest. Reach out, and let’s redefine what success means together.


Jason Veen


The Decadent Digital - A Luxury Ecommerce Blog - By Brave Media Inc.

The Dance Between Lead Generation & Demand Generation; Setting The Stage & Stealing The Show

The Dance Between Lead Generation & Demand Generation; Setting The Stage & Stealing The Show



Navigating the Dynamic Duo: Lead & Demand Generation


In the bustling digital theater 2023, two stars stand out on the marketing stage: Lead Generation and Demand Generation. Individually strong, but when they collaborate? That’s where the magic happens.




If marketing were a play, Demand Generation would be the backdrop, the ambiance. The broad brushstroke creates a brand’s image, laying the groundwork for the audience’s interest. We’re opening doors and engaging a widespread audience by portraying ourselves as thought leaders and narrating our unique brand story. Think of it as the overture of an opera, giving the audience a taste of the melodies to come.




Now, with the stage set, it’s time for the lead generation to steal the show. It’s the climax of our play where all the elements come together. Once we’ve drummed up interest, lead generation shines the spotlight on those primed and ready to engage. It’s our chance to move from a general audience to an intimate conversation with potential stars – our customers.




This year has been akin to a thrilling drama. New contenders are entering the scene; data regulations are reshaping our strategies and B2B buyers. They’re now craving Direct-To-Consumer experiences. Crafting compelling content has become a demanding performance, but it’s an exhilarating challenge we embrace head-on. After all, what’s a play without a few unexpected twists?


Metrics: The Critic’s Review


Like any seasoned performer, we crave feedback. Metrics like MQLs and SQLs take center stage, giving us insight into our targeting effectiveness. Coupled with conversion rates, CPA, and Engagement Metrics, we compile a comprehensive performance narrative. And lest we forget, the lifetime value (CLV) – a sneak peek into the long-term applause from our audience.


Securing the Encore: Investing in Demand Generation


It’s not just about the initial applause but ensuring the show continues. To secure buy-in for long-term endeavors, the script is simple: illustrate clear value, keep stakeholders in the loop, and align with the overarching plot. Sometimes you’ll need to repeat and rinse and repeat again, but persistence pays off, leading to a standing ovation… or at least a curtain call!

As the curtain draws on 2023, marketing remains an ever-evolving performance. Through the highs, lows, dramatic turns, and encore moments, the synergy between lead and demand generation remains at its core. Join us as we navigate this thrilling act, always aiming for a standing ovation. Cheers to the unpredictable yet exciting world of marketing!


Jason Veen 





Hire A Freelance Marketing Consultant or Digital Agency. The Differences Revealed

How Chat-GPT is Transforming Content Strategy: The Future Of AI Generated Content

Email Marketing Strategy for Startups: Tips to Crush Your Competition

The Top 3 Content Marketing Powerhouse Brands

The Definitive Content Strategy For Luxury Ecommerce Brands To Dominate



Train With Lions Luxury Ecommerce - Blog Strategy

Freelance Marketing Consultant VS Digital Agency?  The Differences Revealed!

Freelance Marketing Consultant VS Digital Agency? The Differences Revealed!


The Winner

The Battle for Efficacy In Digital Marketing


Businesses have a smorgasbord of choices when it comes to steering their brand’s online voyage. Two prominent figures in this landscape are the traditional digital agencies and the rising tribe of experienced freelance consultants. While both offer their unique skills, many brands are veering towards the latter for many reasons. Let’s dive into why highly experienced freelance consultants might be the ace up your sleeve.


1. Personalized Attention


Freelance Consultant: A seasoned freelancer invariably offers a deeper, more personalized relationship. They have the luxury of working closely with fewer clients so that they can devote more time, attention, and resources to your project. This direct interaction ensures they are immersed in your brand’s ethos and objectives.

Agency: Agencies, especially the larger ones, juggle multiple clients. This often means your brand might not receive the undivided attention it deserves. It’s not uncommon for brands to feel lost in the mix, especially when communication gets filtered through account managers rather than direct interaction with strategists or creatives.


2. Flexibility and Adaptability


Freelance Consultant: One of the hallmarks of a good freelance consultant is adaptability. They can adjust strategies, make quick decisions, or change directions based on real-time data and feedback without wading through layers of bureaucracy.

Agency: Structured processes can sometimes be a double-edged sword for agencies. While they ensure consistency, they can also create rigidity, making swift changes challenging.


3. Cost-Efficiency


Freelance Consultant: Without the overheads of a traditional agency, freelance consultants often provide more competitive rates. Moreover, you’re paying purely for the expertise and execution without bearing the brunt of agency overheads or mark-ups.

Agency: Maintaining a large team, office space, and other overheads means agencies often have higher costs, which can get passed on to clients.


4. Expertise in Focus Areas


Freelance Consultant: A seasoned freelance consultant usually specializes in specific niches or sectors. This specialization ensures that you’re working with someone with a deep understanding and rich experience in your domain.

Agency: While agencies boast of a broad skill set, they may lack depth in specific areas. This could lead to a generalized strategy rather than a targeted approach.


5. Direct Communication


Freelance Consultant: When you hire a freelance consultant, you communicate directly with the person executing the strategies. This direct line ensures clarity, reduces miscommunication, and streamlines feedback.

Agency: With agencies, communication often occurs through layers. A game of ‘Chinese whispers’ can sometimes distort the original message, leading to misalignments.

Some Caveats to Consider


While freelance consultants offer several advantages, exercising due diligence is essential. Ensure the consultant has a proven track record, genuine testimonials, and a transparent working style.

Choosing between a freelance consultant and an agency depends on your brand’s unique requirements. However, if direct communication, flexibility, domain expertise, cost-efficiency, and personalized attention rank high on your list, a seasoned freelance consultant might be your best bet.

As the digital landscape evolves, a consultant’s agility, adaptability, and direct approach offer a competitive edge. If you are considering a career as a freelance consultant or at an agency- Learn from the community’s knowledge. Experts are adding insights into this AI-powered collaborative article on Linkedin, and you can, too.



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How Chat-GPT is Transforming Content Strategy: The Future Of AI Generated Content

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The Definitive Content Strategy For Luxury Ecommerce Brands To Dominate

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How Chatgpt Is Transforming Content Strategy: The Future Of Ai-Generated Content

How Chatgpt Is Transforming Content Strategy: The Future Of Ai-Generated Content

Future Of AI Generated Content



AI-generated content has officially arrived! This cutting-edge technology helps marketers and creators save time by perfectly generating ideas, outlines, and even full editorial content! Companies worldwide are leveraging a new tool called ChatGPT to streamline their content creation process.

OpenAI has achieved the impossible – with ChatGPT, they’ve developed an AI-powered language model that produces text indistinguishable from humans. Thanks to its revolutionary algorithm and machine learning capabilities, content creation is no longer an uphill task!

With just a prompt or context provided – voila! Experience automated writing as you have never before. Imagine what you can do with that extra time—unlock your creative potential or focus more on strategy & goals? Yes, please!


AI like this transforms how we craft our stories today, So get ready for an exciting ride as artificial intelligence continues revolutionizing the art of storytelling!

A good portion of this article is ChatGPT-inspired. Although it produced some excellent copy, I wanted my personality to shine, and it didn’t quite do that. I spent considerable time editing to get there, so it can’t do everything like a human. Still, it made this article very easy to write in record time, and I love it!





ChatGPT can personalize content for individual users, considering their preferences, behaviors, and past interactions. This allows companies to create highly targeted and relevant content that resonates with their target audience better.

And wait, there’s more!

ChatGPT can generate content in multiple languages, making it accessible to a broader audience. This is particularly useful for global companies or organizations that must create content in various languages for different markets.

As technology continues to evolve and improve, we will likely see more advanced and sophisticated applications of AI-generated content in the not-too-distant future.



The future of ChatGPT is bright and holds a lot of potential for further advancements in artificial intelligence and language processing. Here are some ways that ChatGPT will likely evolve in the future.

Increased Personalization: ChatGPT will likely become more sophisticated in its ability to personalize content for individual users, taking into account their preferences, behaviors, and past interactions.

Improved Accuracy: The accuracy of ChatGPT will continue to improve as more data is fed into the model, allowing it to make more informed predictions and generate more accurate and relevant content.

Multimodal Capabilities: ChatGPT is likely to evolve beyond text-based generation and will become capable of generating other forms of content, such as audio and video, enabling it to be used in a broader range of applications.

Increased integration with other technologies: ChatGPT will likely be integrated with other technologies, such as voice assistants, chatbots, and virtual assistants, providing a seamless and intuitive user experience.

Expansion into new industries: ChatGPT will likely find new applications in sectors beyond marketing, such as healthcare, education, and finance, as its capabilities continue to evolve and improve.

I am personally blown away by how helpful ChatGPT has been. I would previously take two or three days to write a long-form article or ebook, but not anymore. This article took about an hour. I would have struggled to find the time to write anyway, so thanks to ChatGPT, I avoided writer’s block and tailored its suggestions to fit my style.

Although a professional writer should be on hand to fine-tune, ChatGPT can improve content quality by suggesting edits, improvements, and alternatives. This helps content creators to produce more accurate, relevant, and engaging content that resonates with their target audience.

I was a skeptic, but now I’m a fan. ChatGPT has revolutionized how we produce content by providing a powerful tool for marketers and creators to generate high-quality content more efficiently. As technology continues to evolve, we will likely see even more advanced and sophisticated applications of language models like ChatGPT in the future.




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The Definitive Content Strategy For Luxury eCommerce Brands To Dominate

The Definitive Content Strategy For Luxury eCommerce Brands To Dominate

Luxury Ecommerce Content Strategy



Embarking on the journey of establishing a luxury eCommerce brand? Prepare for a venture that demands nothing short of mastery. Crafting an exceptional product or service is just the overture; your content strategy is the compelling narrative that sustains the allure.

At Brave Media, we operate on a cardinal rule: Data is the North Star that guides every venture. The intimate understanding of your target audience, not just an outline but a deep-dive character study, is non-negotiable. Scrupulous competitive analysis and pinpoint-accurate keyword research lay the groundwork for a strategy that is razor-sharp in its focus. Because in luxury, you’re not just selling products; you’re curating experiences.

But let’s amplify that strategy. Cohesion is king. A well-orchestrated content strategy harmonizes with your growth ambitions and seamlessly integrates with your email campaigns. Drawn from exhaustive SEO and Keyword Analytics, this comprehensive approach ensures that every move you make is backed by data, delivering an eCommerce experience that not only meets but exceeds expectations.

Now, brace yourself. We’re about to unveil the trade secrets that will transform your vision into a legacy. Your odyssey to luxury eCommerce mastery starts here. Welcome to Brave Media.

The Decadent Digital - A Luxury Ecommerce Blog by Brave Media Inc.

The Foundation Of An Effective Content Strategy


The first step in creating a winning content strategy is identifying specific details about your target audience. Who are they? What do they want? What kind of content do they respond to? The more information you can identify, the better. The specifics will help you create content that connects. The more you know, the likelihood of forming a genuine connection through content is much higher than trying to relate to the masses. If you target everyone, you’ll connect with no one, so a good rule of thumb is to assign buyer personas to every piece of content you create to be sure you are as targeted as possible.

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Fuel Your Content Strategy With Keyword Data

A keyword analysis is the only way to identify ideal search terms and target keywords with the highest potential. The data will reveal how to avoid online search invisibility and ensure SEO success. We recommend an expert at this stage but feel free to browse keyword options and remember to consider these 5 parameters while researching; yes, all of them!

1) Low Difficulty Score (Under 20 if possible)
2) Highest Monthly Search Volume Possible While Keeping Low KD
3) Related Search Terms and Questions for H1 and H2 Headers To Help Determine Discussion Points
4) Semantic Keywords As Sub-Topics for Secondary Articles
5) Most Important: Does The Keyword Solve Your Target Audience’s Pain Points?

Remember that your target audience will use specific keywords to point them toward a business with the best solution. Your blog, landing page, or product pages need to be optimized with ideal search terms identified by data and seamlessly integrated into well-written content that drive conversions. It’s all about quality.

An Effective Content Strategy Needs High-Quality Content


Creating quality content is critical to developing an effective content strategy. Premium quality content is far more likely to be shared and seen by potential customers and drive quality leads to your website that convert at a higher rate. Investing in high-quality writers, designers, and other creatives will help you produce engaging content that connects with your target audience and inspires them to take action.

A Growth Marketing Strategy With A Seamless Execution

Growth marketing is essential when it comes to growing a luxury eCommerce business. Effective growth marketing strategies involve utilizing data-driven tactics such as A/B testing and personalization techniques to increase website traffic and increase conversions from potential customers. Finding a qualified Growth Marketer can be a challenge, so when determining their level of experience, they should know how data and the specifics that impact the user experience across all channels. The main goal is for your buyers to have a seamless journey from discovery to purchase and retention. This can include leveraging email campaigns, optimizing website pages for search engine rankings or running ads on social media platforms or Google. Each piece of your growth marketing puzzle should be tailored to your target audience—creating highly personalized experiences is vital, especially in the luxury market. Remember, an elevated experience is off to a good start if you are easily found in an online search. Ensure all aspects of your website are optimized for maximum visibility in search engine results pages. We have you covered with this one!


The considerations and time required to establish a luxury eCommerce brand are extensive and require experts to know how strategic approach is needed in detail.  Brave Media Inc. has a knack for making the process feel like a breeze because they combine creative thinking and analytics perfectly; knowing the success of your venture isn’t just about the vision but the hands that know how to sculpt it into real results. Who’s hands?… It’s us! We are those hands!

Brave Media Inc. isn’t a typical agency; we operate as a team of two high-performing freelance marketing consultants as your dedicated partner.  The benefit of expert-level guidance? They know how to get it done, produce serious results, and amplify your digital presence with content that doesn’t just blend in but commands attention.

Our content doesn’t just speak; it echoes, reaching fresh eyes and engaging hearts. From transformative email campaigns to dynamic social media strategies (Yes, YouTube included!), we ensure every platform propels your brand to the next level.

Eager to experience the Brave Media Inc. difference? The only way is to reach out and see for yourself.  Let’s Do This!



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The Top 3 Content Marketing Powerhouse Brands

The Top 3 Content Marketing Powerhouse Brands

A Solid Content Marketing Strategy Works!, If Correctly Executed…


Content Marketing is an essential component of any digital marketing strategy. It can help you generate traffic, increase conversions, and gain new customers by creating original web content, including tutorials, blog posts, or videos compelling enough for people to engage with them on social media platforms.

Getting it right can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to feel like an insurmountable task. To make sure you’re not spending hours working towards something that could end up being ignored by audiences who aren’t interested or, worse yet – generates low traffic results because people find other sources before clicking through from one webpage into another without taking any action at all.

We offer services designed specifically around crafting compelling articles focused around keywords that allow search engines easy access to your website, and easily found by your ideal customer.  

The Content Marketing Strategy Goal


Content marketing is a strategic approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.

It’s an ongoing process best integrated into your overall marketing strategy and focuses on owning media rather than renting it. Content marketing can generate leads, build customer relationships, educate customers about your product or service, and even close sales.

To be successful with content marketing, you need to deeply understand your target audience. Who are they? What are their pain points? What motivates them? Content that resonates with your buyer personas will rank higher on search engines and create a connection with your audience.

After you’ve identified your target audience and created content that resonates with them, the next step is to get that content in front of them—and that’s where SEO comes in. Creating SEO-friendly blog content and optimizing your website will help you rank higher on Google and other search engines, making it easier for potential customers to find you when searching for your business information.

Content marketing requires investment, but it’s worth it—if done correctly, it can be an extremely effective way to reach your target audience and achieve your business goals.


We want to point out that the brands who had executed the most successful content strategies developed a plan aligned with their brand. What worked for them is not a one-size-fits-all approach.

Our best advice is, “There is nothing better than an original idea”!

Feel free to copy the winning strategies, but don’t stick solely within their parameters. Mix things up as much as possible.


The Top 3 Content Marketing Strategies That Dominate


1) TED


Oh TED! I mean TEDx or TED-ed or that other one, TED Fellows! With over 18.3 Million subscribers on YouTube, it’s pretty safe to say they have hit the nail on the head by bringing together leaders, authors, and inspirational storytellers to share and catalyze great ideas at their global conferences. Their content is incredible, and the icing on the cake? It’s free!

TED does exceptionally well by providing rich, engaging content in fifteen-minute videos. They bring the best speakers with the best ideas and have upheld their strict high standards. Quality is key! If you want to be the best, keep your content quality in check, and don’t be scared to hire some help. High-level, professional creators can contribute, boosting your content’s quality. Do this, and you will be on the fast track to building a loyal customer base.


TED Talks for Small Business and Entrepreneurs

2) GoPro


GoPro caught on fast that user-made content is the best way to advertise their cameras. Always having a fresh stream of new content for free, and lots of it is an excellent problem to have.

GoPro’s YouTube channel does not disappoint. They have the best extreme sports collection you can imagine, from a bike on the edge of a cliff to a cliff-jumper extremely high jump. It’s safe to say that many of their users are into extreme sports and are very good at capturing the moment with their GoPros.

New customers often base their purchase decisions on star ratings and written reviews. Take that to the next level with video reviews! Thousands of GoPro brand enthusiasts showing new customers how excellent the product is? It’s genius, and The GoPro audience can’t get enough.



3) Hubspot


Hubspot has built a solid content marketing strategy with a customer journey that brings the user, only when they are ready, to purchase.

We like Hubspot because they don’t rely strictly on creating and posting blog after blog; they have thought about how their content can increase conversions by focusing on transitioning their site visitors from a browser to a paid customer.

A carefully laid out strategy that earns the potential customers’ trust by truly showing their platform’s value is remarkable. Remember, most customers don’t buy after looking at a product just once. The average customer will view a product at least five times before purchasing.

Hubspots’ “no-pressure” approach that encourages new customers to browse has contributed to their success in a big way.


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While many factors go into a successful content marketing campaign, finding that sweet spot can take time. Customer insights and content performance data from testing will be your best friend, but don’t forget the big picture.

Although the three brands we’ve highlighted all have distinct content strategies, they have one thing in common; they give their audience what they want. By understanding your target audience and creating content that resonates with them, you can make a connection that leads to conversions and retain your audience in the long term.

At Brave Media Inc., we have years of experience connecting with customers and creating content that drives conversions. If you want to take your content marketing to the next level, contact us for a customized action plan. We would be happy to help!

Many aspects fall under the Content Marketing umbrella.  Our blog covers every aspect in detail.

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