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In Vancouver’s electric atmosphere, two marketing rebels—Sam Omidi and Jason Veen—saw an opportunity to revolutionize luxury eCommerce. Enter Brave Media Inc., where audacity meets allure.

Sam, a titan of data analytics, reigned supreme as the first-ever influencer to hit one million followers on MySpace. This wunderkind scaled industry titans like Vega and Squire into lifestyle staples.

Jason grew up in Gibsons, BC, up the coast from Vancouver. Before becoming a content marketing wizard, he nailed an audition straight out of journalism school, beating out 100+ competitors for the gig of a lifetime—a TV host on luxury cruise liners. For a decade, he dazzled cruisers with the splendor of iconic jewelry and watch brands, partnering with Rolex, David Yurman, Cartier, and Tiffany & Co. He became an award-winning writing, sales, and marketing marvel.

Unveiling the Legend

When their worlds collided in 2016, it wasn’t just a meeting—it was a merger of epic skills. Beyond mere talent, they found synergy. United in both business and passion, they ditched their 9-5s to focus on what they do best: crafting killer strategies for luxury eCommerce brands.

In this alliance, Sam’s data-driven mastery met its perfect match in Jason’s creative genius. The result? A game-changing consultancy that propelled brands to stardom. They became more than consultants; they were trailblazers.

Italian Greyhound Toby Sam Omidi And Jason Veen - Brave Media Inc. Co-Founders
Sam & Jason - The Boys Of Brave Media Inc

The Heart of the Story

Tying the knot in 2022 after COVID threw its curveballs, their union became an emblem of perseverance, creativity, and love. Shoutout to Toby, their Italian Greyhound—the MVP for keeping it real and ensuring they enjoyed the ride. You’ll see this furball stealing the spotlight in Zoom calls.

Today, Sam and Jason don’t just helm Brave Media Inc.; they’re educators, mentors, and living proof that dreams aren’t just for sleeping. Whether they’re shaping the future of content marketing or reimagining luxury brand strategies, one thing’s for sure—their saga is far from finished.



Our partnership with every client goes beyond a professional contract. We believe in forging genuine connections and understanding your brand’s unique essence and goals to tailor our strategies effectively. When you work with Brave Media, you’re not just another project but a partner, a valued member of our professional family.

We thrive on keeping our knowledge fresh, staying ahead of the curve, and exploring the cutting edge of e-commerce trends. But it’s not just about staying up to date; it’s about infusing that knowledge into our strategies, ensuring that your brand remains at the forefront of your industry.

We’re more than just consultants. We’re guides, strategists, and partners in your brand’s journey toward unparalleled success. We love what we do and can’t wait to share that passion with you. Let’s begin this exciting adventure together, building your brand’s future with us. Bring it on!

Sam & Jason

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