Top 3 Social Media Trends You Need to Know in 2020

Hyper Targeting is A Total Game Changer

It used to be that you could source an influencer, run some digital ads and create good content on social media and you were pretty much set to market any business.
In 2020, we saw influencers get hammered by changes to the Instagram algorithm, and the competition for user attention on social channels became the most fierce it’s ever been.

2021 is where it gets interesting. Social media marketing is no longer just a division of a business; it is the business. Suppose you can’t show success on social channels. In that case, it’s doubtful that your business will succeed and grow (exceptions being some in the B2B space, but fewer and fewer businesses that can ignore social media). Here are 3 of the top social media trends you need to know to grow your business in 2023….. COMING SOON!

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